Best latest simple Diwali Rangoli Designs

Best latest simple Diwali Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is derived from Sanskrit word “rangavalli” which is made up of two words rang (color) and aavalli (rows of colors).It is a traditional Indian art , that uses colors , flower petals , colored chalks , rice etc. Rangoli design can be square , rectangular or circular – or mix of three. These designs are often symmetrical taken from nature like – peacock design, flower design, and so on.However you can design whatever you want.It better to choose rangoli design before actually starting on the place , in this article we have shared various Best latest simple Diwali Rangoli Designs , you can get an idea from here and add your creativity to draw your rangoli.


1.Rangoli design with Flowers

This is the simple rangoli design decorated by flowers , this type of rangoli are drawn mainly at the place of worship.It is very simple to make this all you need is flowers petals ,some decorative papers, clay lamp.Main attraction of this rangoli design is diyas placed at the center .

Best latest simple Rangoli Designs for Diwali

2.Diwali simple Rangoli Design

This rangoli is designed with rice,flour and clay lamp, very simple and clean rangoli design consisting lord ganesha sketch filled with coloured rice and flour.You just draw sketch of lord ganesh at floor and fill it with coloured rice ,flour and  decorative diyas .Best latest simple Rangoli Designs for Diwali

3.Diwali Rangoli design with flowers

This is simple and beautiful rangoli design decorated with flowers. Image is not appearing good , but this rangoli looks very attractive when drawn on floor. This design is so simple that even a beginner rangoli designer can make it comfortably.

Best latest flower rangoli design

4.Best latest simple Diwali Rangoli Designs

Most beautiful rangoli design.  Material needed to draw this rangoli is special rangoli colored powder , flower petals , leaves of pan , diyas. For leaves as shown in image you can use jute rope , dip it in colored water and slightly paste around the design or you can use thread for this purpose.


Ganesha Rangoli Design

5. Rangoli flower for Diwali

Most traditional rangoli design for diwali festival. Firstly flower is sketched and then colored with different colours . We can find such design in almost all house during diwali festival. Special rangoli colored is used to fill the flower.

Best latest simple Diwali Rangoli Designs

6.Simple Rangoli Design

This is one of the most simple rangoli design . Main color in this design is green symbol of joy and prosperity surrounded by clay lamp.The only material used in this is rangoli powder. If you have lots of work during diwali and don’t have enough time to draw typical diwali rangoli you can select this design.The main attraction is centrally placed plate decorated with diyas and kalash.

Simple Diwali rangoli design

7.Beautiful Rangoli Design

This flower rangoli design is made up with flower petals and rangoli powders.This is flower design colored with flower petal and rangoli powder. Flower petal not only make rangoli attractive but also adds fragrance in the air .

Best Rangoli Design

8.Happy Diwali Rangoli Design

One of the most important feature of this design is that you can use this design at both door corner or at door entrance.As you can see in image i have completed this in four parts.

Latest Rangoli design

9.Rangoli Design for door corner


Best latest simple Diwali Rangoli Designs

10. Latest Diwali Rangoli design

This is most complicated rangoli design. Material used for this design is special colored clay ,rangoli powder. You can buy clay and colored it according the requirement. You have to keep the sketch ready before actually starting the pattern.As shown in the image , clays are used to make flowers and leaves , then filled with rangoli powders.

Best latest simple Diwali Rangoli Designs

11. Diwali Rangoli Design

This is kalash rangoli design beautifully created with rice and colored powder.

Rangoli Design

So here we have shared you some of the Best latest simple Diwali Rangoli Designs,also check

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